Latvian language for children
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Latvian language for children - Pygmalion Language Center

The process:

One level course takes one academic year from September till May. Lessons are held in small groups of 4-7 kids, twice a week. All groups are formed taking into account age and level of students.


We use communicative approach, combining it with elements of CLIL method (Content Language Integrated Learning). The approaches focus on the development of communicative skills and general development of the student.


Course materials:

Course books are ordered from the main European publishing houses such as Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and Pearson. Interactive materials are used during the lessons as well.


Even if the teacher is highly qualified, it does not mean he can find an approach to any child during the teaching process. A special talent, love is necessary to do this job. And a kid will always feel it. Our Language Centre employs qualified and experienced local and foreign teachers with passion to what they do.


There are two tests during the course to see the progress of the student. A report about attendance and progress is given to parents twice a year. After completion of the course a certificate is issued. For additional practice we offer Debates Club for free.